T Shaped Developer

how to be a t-shaped developer

Pranav K

Feb 2, 2024

who am I?

Right now I am an ultra versatile and ultra curious software developer. A jack of all trades in Computer science.

I am a developer specializing in frontend but also having experience in blockchain, working with ML models, building backends, and I am also learning cybersecurity out of curiosity. I am a T-shaped developer

what does it mean to be T-shaped developer?

The term was first coined by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, and it refers to a person who has a broad range of skills and knowledge in different areas of software development, but also has a deep expertise in one particular area.

In other words, a T-shaped developer has a wide range of skills and knowledge in different areas, but they also specialize in one area.

what Benefits are there to be T-shaped?

1. Process-awareness

I couldn’t find a term for this concept, that’s why I am calling it process awareness.

During development process you face lot of roadblocks because of the tech stack you choose or the architecture, unforeseen bugs etc. But when you’re aware of all(or most ) solutions for a particular project you’re able to move the process more efficiently.

Only because you’ve you had a broad understanding of the domain you’re able to identify solutions. I call this process-awareness

Process-awareness ~ Being aware of the all(or most) the parts of the process(here referring to development process)

2. Effective Communication

As you’re aware of whole development. You can communicate more clearly and more effectively in a team.

I can’t stress this enough how important it is to know how to “talk tech” to various kind of developers while working on different technologies.

3. Future-proofing

A.I. is automating something new everyday. Many technologies are going to get obsolete, No matter what happens.

More skills you’ve under your belt more indispensable and harder to replace you’re.

How do you become T-shaped?

Just one word - curiosity.

As you keep following your curiosity you’re going to get more skills. You’ll get more passionate about technology. Hence become a linchpin.

Linchpin ~ a person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization.

I was interested in building some basic websites that’s how I picked up frontend. Crypto world and web3 was on rise, I got fascinated by it and started to blockchain and started working in a blockchain based startup. I got curious about Dall-e and I started learning about AI and ML. Right now I am fascinated by networks that’s why I am learning cybersecurity.

Just follow your curiosities****.