protocols to positively affect neuromodulators

Pranav K

Feb 2, 2024

Toolkit for neuromodulators

  • Dopamine and epinephrine are more active in earlier phase of the day
    • Dopamine is about motivation, drive, pursuit and some extent focus
      • tool : maximize sunlight exposure during early part of the day to reset dopamine and increase motivation
      • tool : take caffeine regularly to increase dopamine receptors 2,3
      • tool : deliberate cold exposure increase dopamine and epinephrine
      • tool : avoid lights in your eyes after 10pm to conserve dopamine and burn through
    • epinephrine is about fuel and energy
      • tool : any physical activity can increase epinephrine
      • tool : cyclic hyperventilation increase epinephrine, alertness
  • acetylcholine and serotonin are more active in later phase of the day
    • serotonin produces content, happiness, relaxation and lack of pain
      • tool : touch with loved ones can increase serotonin
      • tool : observation and receiving of gratitude can increase serotonin
      • tool : foods like whole milk and oats increase serotonin
    • acetylcholine is about focus and neuroplasticity
      • tool : chicken, eggs, fish to keep acetylcholine
      • tool : focus exercises like visual focus and mindfulness increases acetylcholine. Mental focus follows visual focus.